Steven Vis

Digital Artist

Who am I in short

20 year old game artist based in utrecht. I have a lot of passion for my art and it’s place in the entertainment industry. 

Me and 2 of my friends have been working hard to put our own studio together. Next year we will begin production on our origional game; Push your Family.

I have been doing this sort of work for a while now and I have realised that I am pretty good at it to!
But who am I to judge?
Please check out my work and form your own opinion.

I call myself a flexible artis not only due to my gymnastics skills, but also because I help with implementing and coding my art into games. but besides games I work on tons of other projects as well!


I live in Utrecht in my fresh studio.
location: ambonstraat
so if you want to get to know me or you have any questions you can contact me at:

Being a 3D artist is certainly a thing that I’m good at. But a “digital 3D artist” is not very specific is it? Go to my CV to find out a little more about my specific skills and the programs that I use. Maybe we should be working on a project together!

“Quotes are for dumb people who can’t think of something intelligent to say on their own” 

Bo Burnham

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